2020 I am Grateful🔮✨💞

Raw Soul Rising into the greatest version of who I AM! Unapologetically 🔮✨💞

The year started with me being enthusiastic about following my bliss – totally ready to receive all that was coming; as I give the best of myself to the world.

My focus have been on serving clients as I stay in balance honoring myself along my journey. I committed to purpose filled presence verses wanting to be noticed or seen! I am a Transformative Holistic Coach | Spiritual Intuitive Guide!

I intentionally moved forward making my Instagram posts a beacon to those who resonate with what I offer! When Covid-19 came, it took a lot of self talk to keep trusting that clients will manifest and to still my mind and emotions from becoming overwhelmed with what was happening. I had two moments where I cried for the lives being affected and the lives lost.

But I stayed true to my soul’s song and worked on Reclaiming my Inner Power every step of the way, grateful – ever so grateful for my reality!

I tuned into my crystals and up level my spiritual practice. I aligned with the moon cycles and I got through lock down with all that I needed! My birthday on March 17th I was still able to go to the spa and to enjoy the beach! So thankful!!!

I got more time to spend with my granddaughter and to witness more of her development as she was home with me from April to August. Such a tremendous blessing and joy to my soul.

The workshops that I took during 2020 really helped to keep me connected to my purpose and to keep me grounded in the seat of my soul. When you move the Universe moves! I stayed ready and grateful. Preparing myself so that I can pour into others. I declare I wanted 6 clients in a month.

May 2020 came and new clients started rolling in, prior to that I was working with clients who rolled over into 2020. By August I was working with 7 new clients! All praise to the Divine.

I poured energy into revamping my IG page as a friend became a coach and did not share with me. I decided I will uplevel verses feeling bad or feeling like there’s competition. It turned out that I ended up giving her insight on how to structure her programs and tips on how to get started. I’m humbled!

I tapped into The Quantum Effect, True Manifestation vs Wanting, Medical Intuitive Energy training, Crystal Healing, The Power of Chanting, Ho’noponopono, Shamanic teachings and Crystal healing. All these workshops have been a pillar and resonates with my beliefs and purpose. I AM Eternally grateful. I allowed spirit to guide and as I intuitively decided and prepared to spend New Years Eve at home while cautioning my daughters, Barbados announced that all events were cancelled and no gathering on the beach for fireworks as usual. Spirit told me what was coming to our island as Covid 19 finally got into the community.

I remain thankful for my safety and health awarded to my family and I and I trust that all will be well.

I closed the year truly happy and ready for 2021 regardless!! The Univere is my net and I choose to lean in, Bold, Brave and Raw!

I am here to remember who I am!
I am here to lean in without a shadow of a doubt!
I am here to be a light unto all who I encounter!
I am here to express my Divine Self and to share my gift with the world!
I am here to expand to to live my Infinite Potential, Purposefully 🔮✨💞


My words for 2021


💗 Love


🌱Holistic Health Is Wealth



💞Divine Femininity







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