Blessings beautiful souls. I am Marisa T. Daniel – an Accountant for 16 years, and a mentor for teenage girls and young adults for over 17 years. Music, sound healing and writing are also my passions, and I was a band and artist manager for 5 years in Barbados. Although I was working in a career and industry that I love, somehow I still felt unfulfilled! In 2016, a friend that I valued asked me about my passion and purpose ~ and this caused me to journey within to connect with my inner wisdom. I heard a constant voice saying “I AM HERE TO SERVE!” I had no clue what that would look like for my life! As I honored my inner wisdom, it led me to becoming a Transformative Holistic Life Coach, and a Spiritual Intuitive Healer

It is an honor to introduce myself and my practice to you. My training is based on cutting edge psychology, brain science, neurological science, NLP, nutrition, intuitive listening, habit change, healthy lifestyle design and Transformational Coaching Methods.

My goal is to help you Regenerate Authentic Wellness, by nurturing you holistically to ReClaim Your Inner Power! I help you gain clarity as I hold space for you to reach your highest potential and best self.

I will co-create sacred space with you, to hold you to your vision, as you hold space for me to help lead you towards achieving Holistic health ~ in all aspects of your Being.

I have chosen a very special path, that has led me to a professional field that resonates deeply within me – it is the journey I’ve been traveling for quite some time, without full recognition of the impact. I first started this page as a personal blog, at that time I was completely unaware that I would become a Certified Health & Family Life Coach.

Pursuing my calling and living my passion and purpose is empowering, as I honor my calling and destiny!

For the past few years, I have been helping busy professionals and entrepreneurs, especially women/mothers, enable the transformation of their life and for some, their body, allowing them to gain more energy and develop clarity in what has been holding them back from achieving their full potential, holistically.

After years of pursuing my natural passion for psychology, nutrition, and optimal performance, together with following my instinctive passion to lose weight by eating nutrient dense meals, I successfully transformed from size 3xl to xl/18. I felt compelled to further my knowledge in this exciting field. It was time to turn my passion into practical knowledge for the real world (AKA skills that are effective and essential to use in everyday life) that will help myself and others achieve holistic wellness, mind, body, spirit and soul. I am passionate about helping others lose weight naturally and helping them maintain their weight loss by creating a long-lasting lifestyle design that fits each individual. This includes creating a system of support and accountability, to help my clients gain more energy, experience clarity and gain insight into conscious and subconscious triggers and transform RAW Mind Body Spirit & Soul!

I help my clients gain clarity surrounding unintended circumstances, and how to learn, grow and evolve past manifestations, that they do not want. I encourage my clients to tune with-In and connect to their natural innate wisdom, to discover the veil of mystery of their higher self, so that they can recognize and course-correct more quickly – to create a more smooth path on their journey! This allows and enables each individual, to have the ability to immediately identify how they attracted something on their journey and decide and declare that they do not want it, so they immediately course-correct for a result that serves them! By making that conscious choice in each moment, it creates a whole new world that is in alignment with Divine Source and with who you are!

My journey of following my innate wisdom that called me to serve, eventually led me to the Health Coach Institute where I successfully completed my certification in Health & Family Life Coaching.



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