Review Awareness Wisdom

Live Laugh Love!

Revere All With-In

When someone entrusts their heart to you . . .

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces – The Final Chapter

Reflecting Awesome Wavelengths

Reality Attracts Wisdom

Summer Turns into Fall

Receive Authenticity Willingly (Do not fight against the tide)

Re – Attract Wisdom 💞 On Your Journey

RealEye’zation Awakening Wellness

Restore Ascension Wellness – Divine Masculinity

Resonate Adherance Wellness

GIVERS NEVER LACK………………….what they give!

Rebirth Ascension Wisdom

Raised Ascension Wellness

Renounce Accusations Wellness – Full Moon in Pisces Sep 16th 2016

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly…

Body, Mind & Soul

Revelation Awareness Wisdom

High recognitions #18…The human being whose spirit is free

Relationship Awareness Wellness

Have You Found Your Purpose?


Revere All Within ~ Unselfish Love Is The Language Of The Universe

Reconcile African Wellness ~ Through Healing of Pure Authentic Divine Love 💞 Black Love Matters

Colin Kaepernick Pledges $1 Million Donation To Social/Racial Justice Charities. — The Militant Negro™

Mother nature has the power to…

Realign Authentic Wellness

ReValue Awareness Wellness

Rejuvenate Authentic Wellness ~ September 1st Blessings

Release All Worries

Your first job is to work on yourself.

…be patient.

Show Me Your Darkness

Greetings: My desire is to share my light with the world through this blog. May it enable you to connect spiritually and soulfully on your journey, through connecting within as you embrace your spirit and soul in its RAW form. Leading you to Reevaluate Authentic Womanhood as you Regenerate Authentic Wellness of BEing. Renewal Acceptance Wellness will then encompass you and propel you to seeing and accepting who you are, as you rise up into a being of light achieving overall wellness of BEING. Thank you for visiting my blog!