"Marisa is an amazing coach whose wisdom and insight always hits home. She has a very calming disposition and has a capacity to understand the big picture and help me to put things in perspective. My self-worth and confidence have both improved since working with Marisa. My ability to roll with the flow of entrepreneurship and family and find balance in my life is exponentially greater than ever before."

Amy – Spiritual Life Coach & Ceremonial Minister


"RAW Mind Body Spirit & Soul is extremely phenomenal. Being able to experience this journey has been a life changing experience. I was hesitate at first about opening up, but I am indeed amazed at how it all integrates with my everyday life. The 90 Day Total Transformation Program have allowed me to evaluate myself and circumstances. I love how it all aligns with the path that I am on, and the direction that I am headed. To top it all off, Marisa is an amazing coach with such passion and just keeps giving you the motivation to commit and stick through all sessions. Health and Life Coaching is needed especially because of how the world is, and I just love being able to sense different vibes, (through becoming more aware of and becoming more intuned with my intuition.)"

Colleen – Law Clerk


"On the 25th March 2018 I decided to start a 90 day transformational journey with the help of a life coach. After losing my Mum and My Grandfather my life changed for what I considered the worst. I was placed in a dark place with so much negativity; I felt like peace was far away, like 5 years away. 

Through out this journey with a stranger at first, but now I consider her to be my life saver, this lady unlocked me from a very dark place only she knew and understood. I just publicly want to say "Thank you Marisa." You are the best life coach out there. You gave me tools, but the biggest tool you said I should use is PRAY/MEDITATION and CONNECTING WITH DIVINE INFINITE POWER THAT BE. You kept reminding ME that without these tools, I will not find inner peace. You helped me change my diet, the way I think and THE WAY I process stuff, as well as the way I deal with people, and I am forever Grateful.

I finished my journey on the 17th June 2018 with tears in my eyes. I let the happiness FLOW in those tears I cried with gratitude for all you did for me for 90 days. With the end of that journey, I look forward to the greatest hurdles up next ~ the 17 July and the 25th August 2018, the 2 days that I lost THE heart-string 💖 of my heart, but I look forward to those days with peace knowing how I will get through without going into that dark place I was in 2017. 

So the 17th of June 2018, Shakelia is no longer a Princess; I graduated my 90 day program with a change of status, I have become the Queen @queen_colleen57 Raised to stand tall in this world, with this NEW NORMAL that I live. So here's to Queen Shakelia, one who has a peace that only she can feel and know!"

Shakelia – Credit Union Member Service Representative


"My 90 Day Intensive with Marisa recently came to an end and I must admit that I am nothing short of amazed and filled with gratitude (though not surprised) with how intuned Marisa was.

I’ve known Marisa for well over a year, however - we recently started doing some much deeper coaching with me through this intensive and her attention to the smallest details, her attitude of non-judgement and her high compassion - are all aspects of her that she brings into her coaching practice. THIS makes working with her a phenomenal experience.

I can proudly say that with Marisa’s wisdom and guidance and because of my dedication to the work; I was able to master the goals that I originally set out to accomplish. Xoxo"

Jo-Dean – Certified Life & Health Coach

"I had the privilege to team up with Marisa while working through our Health Coach and Life Coach certification. Very soon we became connected and worked together on many skills labs together. That was just to begin with. 
In the process of our long conversations, we learned so much about each other and Marisa spent considerable time on me to help alleviate some of my skin problems. She guided and suggested to me, the right foods for my body; and even suggested some to my mom.

She is true to soul and connects authentically. This enabled me to share transparently with her - anything I am looking for, during a one on one 90 day coaching program with her, (after I decided to become her client.)

I openly shared My joys and even my guilt; and she continues to check on me and my family and genuinely prays for all of us. I am so Blessed to know her and I highly recommend her Coaching to anyone who is looking forward to improve their lives inside and out!"

Aruna – Certified Life & Health Coach, Software Developer

"I had known Marisa prior to enrolling in her 90 Day Intensive Program. I believe it was through alignment that the opportunity presented itself for me to do so! As the saying goes, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear!" I was definitely ready to move to the next level/chapter in my life, this was last year - and so impressed was I with my progress, that 90 days turned into 9 months of coaching. There is no doubt that Marisa is passionate  about coaching and helping her clients reach their personal self development goals. She goes in depth and is very thorough in her method of coaching.  I can say that I am in a better place now. Our sessions really helped me to tap into my power more intimately. The Investment was definitely worth it."

Cathy-Ann ~ Fashion Designer

"Life will sometimes take you out of your comfort zone, and that have been my experience - but luckily for me, a friend who did the Regenerate Authentic Wellness Intensive program with Marisa - was able to encourage me to take the necessary steps to work with her as my Transformative Holistic Coach. 
I was motivated by my friend's growth after she completed her program with Marisa and Times were/are so unpredictable during the pandemic - that learning to cope became stressful. 
Remaining positive and not falling into negative mind space have been extremely challenging. In all honesty - after having a guide/coach, I have learned so much about myself, my abilities and I have gained clarity regarding how to move throughout life - not only being more compassionate, but turning negatives into positives."

Chinyera ~ Certified Cosmetologist

"My experience working with Marisa (this time around) was absolutely beautiful. It was like returning to a familiar space with someone who I felt a deep sense of trust for and who have my best interest at heart. 
Because of this, I felt all our sessions were extremely personable and authentic. For me, it did not feel like I was the broken person and she was the person that's trying to fix me. Instead, it felt more like two sistren on a journey sharing experiences and wisdom - where I lacked knowledge, Marisa was gently able to share her wisdom and vice versa. 
Her authentic presence gave me the opportunity to hold space for my own authenticity which allowed me to walk away from every session we shared more empowered than before. 
Thank you Marisa." (April 3rd 2022)

Much love and grace: Jo-Dean T ~ Transformation Coach & Service Coordinator