Self Care and Self Love include nourishing our body!


✨Self care is important and at times I become inconsistent. I am dedicated to nourishing my body and walking my talk. One step at a time. No better time to set the intention and implement action steps than with the energy of the Super Full Snow Moon in Virgo and at the start of my season.. Pisces Season✨

✨I prefer to make my almond milk, I use maple syrup, (the honey showed here just as another option that you can use if you need a sweetener.) I added almonds, cinnamon and maple syrup to a blender to whip up this delicious vegan milk (nutmeg is another flavor filled spice with great properties as another option or to combine)✨

✨I use Nutri Snacks granola with flax, chia, almonds and raisins, added more chia, steel cut oats and mixed nuts and dried fruit for this nutrient dense power breakfast. So filling and great energy boost. You can add banana or fruit of choice if you like✨_____________________________
#SelfLove and #SelfCare Is Not Selfishness #NLP


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