2020 I am Grateful🔮✨💞

Raw Soul Rising into the greatest version of who I AM! Unapologetically 🔮✨💞 The year started with me being enthusiastic about following my bliss - totally ready to receive all that was coming; as I give the best of myself to the world. My focus have been on serving clients as I stay in balance …

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Self Care and Self Love include nourishing our body!

✨Self care is important and at times I become inconsistent. I am dedicated to nourishing my body and walking my talk. One step at a time. No better time to set the intention and implement action steps than with the energy of the Super Full Snow Moon in Virgo and at the start of my …

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Reflecting Awesome Wavelengths

2017 IS HERE! As I'm REFLECTING on my journey, I have to say, 2016 was simply AWESOME. The WAVELENGTHS have been REAL!! I'M so APPRECIATIVE of the discoveries of SELF, the discoveries of LOVE, and the discoveries of HUMAN NATURE! All in all, I'm eternally GRATEFUL  for the WISDOM Gained. The revelations have brought me …

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