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Welcome Beautiful Soul,

I am a Transformative Holistic Life Coach and I am certified as a Health and Family Life Coach, through the Health Coach Institute. My training has equipped me with tools and resources that enables me to cater to you as an individual, using Transformational Coaching Methods.

My goal is to help you gain clarity about what you want, why you want it and what have been stopping you or slowing you down from achieving your desired outcome.

I provide you with a support system that holds you accountable to doing the work that will enable you to heal, grow and embrace the life of your dreams.

I hold space for you to transform limiting beliefs, habitual behavior and dysfunctional patterns that often develop from imprints and programming through the years. I hold you to integrating the necessary tools and resources that will help you achieve your highest potential & best self. I hold you to your vision, as you hold space for me to help lead you towards achieving overall health in all aspects of your life.

I help you discover your stress level and create space for you to be open, honest and trusting, and encourage you to tune within and uncover your subconscious triggers. My goal is to help you transform RAW Mind Body Spirit X Soul!

Holistic balance is essential to our life and opens the door for us to give of our best to our family, loved ones, in our career and relationships in general.

Cognitive well being will help you develop skills that will enable you to communicate effectively without anger leading. You will discover how your thoughts, actions and behavior creates your reality, and how your programming have created your identity. I help you become aware of programmed behaviors that have affected your ability to thrive in areas of your life.

Physical well being will enable you to gain more energy and relieve stress and help you improve your lifestyle. Combining exercise and nourishing your body with nutrient dense meals will help you tune into your body’s innate wisdom, and help you identify which foods have been lowering your energy verses which foods raises your vibration.

Emotionally well being will help you discover how you view yourself, others and the world, and help you identify how your beliefs affect how you communicate and respond to situations, conditions and circumstances. My goal is to help you align with who you are underneath all the layered behaviors and help you come into harmonious balance to create the life that you want.

Spiritual wellbeing helps you align and connect with Divine Infinite Power That Be, through the spirit of gratitude and choosing to create sacred space to sit still and focus on your blessings during meditation/pray. Taking a moment to breathe and connect within creates a shift in our energy vibration as we release our doubts, fears and baggage to the Greater Power, trusting and believing without a shadow of a doubt that we have the ability to do all things through the Greater Power who strengthens us.

If you or someone that you know have a desire to transform their life to create that paradigm shift that will move them forward, contact me and I will be happy to walk that journey with you.


With a grateful heart,

Coach Marisa.

Review Awareness Wisdom

2016 was such a year of purging, yet it was filled with renewal of heart, spirit, body and soul on so many levels. The transformation journey left me in awe as Divine Miracles manifested. I wrote about it on this blog also. 2016 ended with a surprise business/ leisure trip to Guadeloupe. Now I feel compelled to Review and speak about my journey so far this year!

2017 have been such a tremendous awakening journey. It have been filled with restructuring on levels beyond my wildest imagination . January 1st started with me embracing reality in every moment, doing what needed to be done without complaining as I traveled between 2 hotels where I had 2 bands that I co-manage performing. Balancing energies was a priority that night/early morning and it unfolded beautifully. Later that day I spent it with family and friends in a beautiful part of my island Barbados, with an amazing view and I was totally open to receive Universal miracles as I gave thanks for my 2016 journey and life thus far, Reviewing Awareness Wisdom. Such RAW vibrations that opened up my being to raise my vibration and tap into higher frequencies that align with who I AM and who I AM becoming! Walking in awareness enabled me to be filled with gratitude for my Life, the blessings, the lessons learned, the doubt and insecurity that brought faith without a shadow of a doubt, renewed hope and confidence in who I AM, the weaknesses that brought growth, wisdom and strength on a higher paradigm. I definitely felt and embraced the paradigm shift on my transformation journey! Standing In full power like never before on my journey, knowing that the best on my journey was unfolding in perfect timing!

I reconnected with a friend that played a vital role on my journey and that was uplifting and inspiring as negative energies were released and positive vibrations lead the way. Blessings were received and embraced as freedom took over with me trusting my path. I  felt a yearning to walk in Divine purpose and I was definitely open to walking through all doors that the Universe held open for me. An opportunity came in May and I’m eternally grateful that I embraced it. Traveling to another country opened up miraculous doors as I stood in AWE of beautiful Divine manifestations. Enjoying nature at it’s best, connecting with love ones as my path was laid out perfectly by The Source Of All Existence! It  bought balance, peace and clarity as my purpose to serve others filled my BEing.

Standing in my value and appreciating self was a highlight and Health and nutrition was my priority, as a family member commended me on this and expressed how thankful she was for me inspiring her to take better care of her body. Forgiveness and healing was highlighted as I dealt with situations with Love and not Ego, valuing relationships and choosing to be a light as oppose to reacting negatively! These traits about myself were also expressed by many on my journey, as they shared about how I inspire them!

My return to my island was gratifying and exciting as I reconnected with friends and loved ones, sharing in celebrations. My soul was at peace, but at the same time yearned for more. To truly fulfill my purpose on earth. This lead to more travels that I embraced not knowing but trusting that it held the key to Divine Purpose. This journey reconnected me with a lady I mentored in 2004 and I am extremely appreciative of this process and the role that it have played on my path. Meeting new people have been an highlight as I embrace authenticity and show love. Connecting with friends and family in freedom of judgement as acceptance and  no expectations, only love leading the way. Divine miracles as a passport lost was found at the airport’s lost and found bought renewed belief and trust in The Almighty knowing that The Universe have us covered and protected. It showed me more the importance of walking in Awareness and not slacking off on responsibilities as a mother, even though my daughters are now women. Choices were made in pure trust of Divine timing and doors opened as I seek within, acknowledging emotions that left me feeling unfulfilled and lead me to researching counseling courses online.

I submitted my email to 2 Institutes, of which one I then realized, was offering a Health & Life Coaching program.  This was the perfect combination considering my journey as I have loss 4 dress sizes my changing my lifestyle habits and embracing RAW foods, whole grains and seek to nourish my body by choosing to eat Healthy. Traveling and no driving like when I’m in my country enabled me to walk like never before. It have been revitalizing and a benefit to my body.

So now excitement sets in as I am on my journey of becoming a Certified Health & Life Coach. Divine Purpose manifested and embraced. Such joy, peace and happiness as I embarked on this transformation journey, that will incorporate serving others with serving the Most High as I honor my calling. This have been an amazing revelation that I am eternally grateful for. The Lives that will be transformed through acceptance and love of self, through healing and growth to serve their highest potential, have me in awe and fills me with anticipation as I embrace this paradigm shift. The Tribe that I am surrounded by and the inspiring books and mentors I am coming into contact with, open me up to stand naked, RAW, before The Universe and it is extremely reviving to my Mind, Body, Spirit X Soul.

I look forward to the month of December as my program start and feel free to comment, and I am offering 1 free Health & Life Coaching transformation session to the first person that is willing to reach out and join me on my journey.








Don’t Lose Your Relevance


Relevance is one of the most important aspects of life. It’s all about having impact – affecting people’s life positively. One of the reasons many people commit suicide is because they see themselves as irrelevant in and to life. Know this, that if you lose your relevance, you may not advance. In order to remain relevant throughout your life, imbibe the following six applicable principles to life.

  1. Don’t see yourself great, let others do: At any moment you see yourself as great, that is the moment you start diminishing. Every level of greatness you are is a transition stage to another level of greatness. Let your achievements and impacts announce you, don’t let your mouth do. Well, others’ mouths are permitted to do so.
  2. Be up to the task: Never assume you have done enough! No matter how great you are, continue to prepare yourself for any opportunity that can…

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Live Laugh Love!

In the midst of hate, I found there was, within me, an invincible Love. In the midst of tears, I found there was, within me, an invincible smile. In the midst of chaos, I found there was, within me, an invincible calm. In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.


– Albert Camus 💞