📷 Source Unknown. I do not own the rights to the photo used in this post.


1/11 🌕The 1st Full moon for the year is on Jan 12th 2017. She’s already radiating and illuminating. Release as you breath out all that does not serve you. See mistakes/negatives as learning and growing experiences. Realeyez the value of the lessons in said moments! Choose to see the wisdom gained in said moments as you embrace reality at all times. EMBRACE ALL THAT SERVE YOUR HIGHEST GOOD! BREATHE IN THE MYSTICAL VIBRATIONS THAT GUIDE YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY! Cred: MTDVybes

Flow with what flows! “Remember the waters in the river? Only flow from the source.. in one direction… and bypass once. Continue to flow with the blessings of your river.. Bless.. MEM”


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