Review Awareness Wisdom

2016 was such a year of purging, yet it was filled with renewal of heart, spirit, body and soul on so many levels. The transformation journey left me in awe as Divine Miracles manifested. I have a previous post about it on this blog also. 2016 ended with a surprise business/ leisure trip to Guadeloupe. …

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Reflecting Awesome Wavelengths

2017 IS HERE! As I'm REFLECTING on my journey, I have to say, 2016 was simply AWESOME. The WAVELENGTHS have been REAL!! I'M so APPRECIATIVE of the discoveries of SELF, the discoveries of LOVE, and the discoveries of HUMAN NATURE! All in all, I'm eternally GRATEFUL  for the WISDOM Gained. The revelations have brought me …

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Greetings: My desire is to share my light with the world through this blog. May it enable you to connect spiritually and soulfully on your journey, through connecting within as you embrace your spirit and soul in its RAW form. Leading you to Reevaluate Authentic Womanhood as you Regenerate Authentic Wellness of BEing. Renewal Acceptance Wellness will then encompass you and propel you to seeing and accepting who you are, as you rise up into a being of light achieving overall wellness of BEING. Thank you for visiting my blog!

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