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“Receiving cannot happen in the vessel of wanting.

This is our meditation right now.

Everything has a vibration. When you embody the energy of wanting, the vehicle of your being takes a particular shape. The shape of wanting. And in the shape of wanting, nothing can be truly received. Love cannot fit into this shape, prosperity cannot fit into this shape, peace cannot fit into this shape.

To truly receive, you must be formless. You must be open to the energy you are calling in, and then be able to receive and hold it. To be one with it. Only when you are one with “something” are you truly receiving it, only then are you truly intimate with it and only then can you truly know it, truly feel it. Only then can you dance with this energy, be moved by this energy, and only then can the chemistry of you plus this energy be revealed.

If you are wanting another person, there is no space for the other to meet you. There is only a tense vehicle of anxiety through which the stream of truth and fulfillment cannot flow. If you are wanting to feel different than you feel, there is no acceptance. And when there is no acceptance, there is only resistance and therefore, no possibility of transformation. There is no intimacy with the moment, no journey to unwrap the gifts.

And who can truly want? If there is nobody there — no person inside the person — who is wanting? Your pure essence can only accept, and the essence of your soul can only be inspired. The fountain of this inspiration overflows into the purity of desire.

Pure desire is divine fuel that attracts that which you are desiring. Its song floats towards its resonance like gorgeous dancing smoke, luring its focus into manifestation. When your mind is too involved and attached, it is in wanting, which is very different. When the energy is the pure passion of your soul, detached and in surrender of what will be, it is desire. Desire lights, desire is a microphone to God. It is the primary feeling that triggers manifestation, and its presence is a mandatory ingredient in alchemy.

Do you want your life to conform to the fictions of your mind, or does moving into divine openness feel more fulfilling, more true? Here is the rest of the meditation for you: Relax as you watch the burnt branches of wanting snap in their futility. Breathe deeply as the old season cycles out. Enjoy the precious feeling of opening as space clears for the warm golden rush of desire to carry your visions to realization. Every moment is an invitation home”.~

Cred: ~Tehya Sky

Excerpt from A Ceremony Called Life


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