Rebirth Ascension Wisdom

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As the leaves change their Color,  it is a reminder from Nature that Rebirth is necessary to the process of Life! We must be open to Ascension as we embrace change in our Life! Our perception of change must expand to emcompass the beauty of growth, evolution and spiritual maturity on our journey, then we will truly receive Wisdom to keep us and equip us on The Divine path in our lives!

The true gift is when we internalize the lessons as we accept reality in every moment! A warrior never worries about what he/she cannot control. The journey of the soul starts when we release and renounce our ego, as we choose to feed our soul and starve the ego!

As we let go and release the past, we embrace the future, but we must do so without fear! Ovastanding that the best plans in our BEING will not always manifest, the key is to surrender our belief, hope, faith and trust in The Divine, knowing and believing that The Source of All Existence will manifest what serves our highest good on our journey!

If compelled to look to the past, we must do so allowing the light to shape the shades and the shadows! Do so connecting the dots of the blessings received, do so acknowledging the pits that we avoided through the guidance and protection of The Most High! Do so realEyez’n the Angels on our journey that brought light, needed assistance in whatever area and comfort to our realm! Do so as we smile in memory of all the ones that shared their love and joy as they touched our soul! Do so as we realEyez all we have learned about Pure Authentic Divine Love this year, as we felt the Rebirth and growth in our very Core!  Do so in reverence of the connections that aided our Ascension! Do so giving thanks for the situations that created a shift to aid our spiritual growth! Do so without guilt, regret, anger, hate or baggage of any form blocking our energy or lowering our vibration! Do so knowing we have the strength and will power to overcome and rise above the situations that we internalized as negative! Do so with a pure heart, spirit and soul as we Free our mind of illusions that cloud our thoughts as we purify our Third Eye! Do so as we Align with Divine Source through prayer and meditation, raising our vibration and clearing our energy centre/aura!

Then only have we truly gained Wisdom of the process of our Life. Then only are we walking in consciousness and awareness, equipped to Be A Light Unto Another. Only then have we received and are truly walking in Rebirth Ascension Wisdom through the direction of The Creator/God/The Source of All Existence.

Peace, Love and Light Beautiful Souls! cred: Marisa Daniel ~ MTDVybes

“The Equinox falls on September 22nd, when the hours of light and dark are the same. This time represents a shift in the seasons, and a time where the energy of the Sun and Moon are in complete balance.

In the Northern Hemisphere we are getting ready to shift into the season of Autumn and in the Southern Hemisphere, we are getting ready to shift into the season of Spring.

We are all connected to this earth and to each other, so when significant changes in nature occur, we often feel them resonating within our own soul.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the trees are getting ready to shed their leaves and let go of all the old in order to prepare for winter.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the flowers are beginning to bloom and greenery is returning after the winter.

These changes will be reflected in our own vibration and we may find that our energies begin syncing up with that of Mother Earth.

2016 has definitely been a year of endings and this theme is going to continue throughout September. In fact, the energy of the Equinox is going to help us all to shed the things that we no longer need and embrace the new.

In the Northern Hemisphere, shedding is going to become an important theme and we are going to be guided to really release and let go of all the fears and worries that have kept us stuck in destructive patterns.

We are also going to be guided to release and let go of attachments and the way we want life to be, and instead embrace the way life is unfolding for us.~




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