Renounce Accusations Wellness – Full Moon in Pisces Sep 16th 2016

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#FullMoonLunarEclipse in Pisces Sep 16th #Energy #PositiveVibrations 🌑🌌

As we give thanks and fulljoy the blessings of nature, we are eternally grateful and appreciative for the forces and energy of nature that heals our Soul, purifies our Mind and Thoughts, as said energy brings Balance to our Spirit and revitalizes our Body!

* Full Moon in Pisces * Lunar Eclipse * Mercury Retrograde * – brings forth a surge of emotional energy. The watery depths of our unconscious bubble their way to the surface.  At this apex of emotional uprising, we must feel to heal, and like true spiritual warriors brave our hearts, through our wounds that are the doorway… ~ Dave Ponder II

The energy of the full moon rejuvenates us as we purge our BEing! As we Reflect and release past baggage and Accept Life in the now, day by day, we free our BEING from negative energies as we learn, grow and raise our vibration. This is vital to our Wellness as we stand grounded through the Foundation of Source! It is vital to balance our Chakras in order to receive the manifestations that serves our highest good!

Let go of the ones you shared your love with that no longer communicate with you, hold no record of wrong! Allow Divine Love to blossom within you regardless! This is a time for forgiveness to take root in our being, to clear blockages that do not serve our highest good. Release all emotions (energy in motion) of animosity, anger, pain, hurt, grief, malice, envy, jealousy, greed, hate, dislike, resentment, scorn, abuse of any form, feelings of abandonment and neglect! Release all energies that are In conflict with your RAW Divine Nature!

Allow your BEING to process what you truly feel; tap into Self ~ identify the energies in motion that weigh you down and Renounce them. Let go of all Accusations you hold against ones that did not maintain the vibrations reflective of Pure Divine Authentic Love! Acknowledging that others reflect who they are according to where they are spiritually in Life. The fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities that walk in high and low places! Spiritual warfare is real, hence why it is vital to walk in Alignment with Divine Source. The Creator of The Universe. God. The Great Spirit. The Source of All Existence! To be continually guided Into balanced alignment!

Thus a conscious choice within our subconscious nature! We can only appreciate, respect and endure the chosen path for our journey! We have power of choice in every moment, regardless of if it is positive or negative situations or energy within us! But we were also chosen for said journey so we can survive and conquer victories when “negative” rises up in our being! The negative though, builds character and strength for our journey, as we rise up into all we Are in Purpose! That’s the beauty of The Natural Mystic! Mystical Vibrations and Manifestations!

Every being reflect negative and positive energy as there is no perfection, just a sincere desire in some of us to BE the best we can be, as a Light unto others! A sincere desire to allow the light of The Divine, through pure authentic love, to shine in Life situations and experiences. Those of us that aspire to Shine our Light, are more aware of who we are Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul; and we are more equipped to tap into Source through our connection and alignment, in order to Reflect light through the shades and shadows on our journey as we eternally aspire to walk and live in Righteousness! Only then.. We are able to own our behavior/attitude/reaction in weak moments, we are able to apologize, we are able and willing to communicate the emotions experienced in our weak moments. We are able and willing to learn the lessons, heal, grow and move forward! We are able and willing to accept that we cannot control how others interpret/ perceive us in our weak moments. We are able and willing to acknowledge that we have no control over how anyone will choose to deal with the energy we emit to them in our weak moments!

Unbalanced souls reflect the true nature of their heart also, when lost and blinded by illusions, the blockages of energy vibration in their Chakras causes fear, doubt to cloud perception of reality! Awareness is vital in order to realize the truth of who we are at core level. Divine Spiritual Awareness!

Hence,  Judge no one, but stand in your truth! Give thanks and praises that you continually choose Divine Spiritual Awareness. Walk in your Value! Grounded in the Foundation and Power of Divine Source of All Existence; as you are guided! Intuition leading. Discernment manifesting.

Release all that does not serve your highest good and allow the energy of the moon to heal and realign your BEing. The best on your journey is yet to come, Embrace It! ⚪

Peace, Love and Light ~ cred: Marisa Daniel ~ MTDVybes



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