Revelation Awareness Wisdom

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Friendships in general Reveals the truth of human nature! We learn, grow, evolve on our journey through Divine Source, through knowledge of self and through the connections we make with others!

We all want those friendships that last a life time, but some are for a season to aid us on our spiritual journey, leading us to necessary change as we look within our-self with a desire to raise our vibration and some for a reason that propels us to break free of illusions and misguided concepts we had about our-self, life and relationships!

At some point in our relationship with others, we are forced to identify what another person truly mean to our life! We encounter that path on our journey that leads us to being Authentic, Honest, Truthful, Real with our feelings, thoughts and emotions; speaking the truth of our BEING in vulnerable times!

We encounter that path where a situation uproots emotions! From personal experience, there was a time where I put my all into a working relationship,  achieving and excelling, but unfortunately after a meeting, I came away questioning if my Value was even recognized and appreciated. I spoke my truth in the meeting yet thoughts fed emotions and emotions filtered into my spirit and shifted my balance. I no longer knew if I wanted to continue my working relationship. I felt a bit lost actually and hurt! As I have constantly fought to stand in strength, I said my positive affirmations and put the thoughts out of my mind, wanting no negative energy to take root in my Being. Not recognizing I was in no way dealing with or healing these emotions.

At the same time, another experience with a love one was on my mind during this time, so because I couldn’t get clarification of what I felt like I needed and wanted to know from my love one, the energy from that meeting filtered in and unbalanced my thoughts regarding my love one. I was already fighting to see my value and to stand in my value regardless of whatever energy another person  was displaying! Fighting to realize that another’s behavior and character had nothing to do with me, and quite frankly can take nothing away from the BEING I AM!

Yet, I found myself wondering if my love one was withdrawing, then as a dreamer, when that dream came, I starting questioning my dream of this person and then decided to just forget about it. Though a very intuitive and discerning BEing, I allowed my mind to battle between balance and illusions, I had this back and forth tug of war at times. Other things manifested that clouded my view of reality. The reality was, that without communication and clarification, there is no truth. Just my thoughts and emotions right!?!

What I did though was to lay out my thoughts and perception of the situation and sent to my love one, I spilled my Authentic truth in RAW vulnerablity in my weak moment. I was passive, cordial and eloquent yet honest with what I was feeling in my expression of emotions! No display of anger. Just hurting from my own perception! Yet I striped all walls down and stood unguarded and bared my soul without regret! This brought a result that I did not desire, whether it is that the person became guarded, defensive or started to question me as a person; BUT it lead me to reflect and I immediate apologized, I expressed where my thoughts were and how it all unfolded to bring me to the conclusion that I expressed; but you know what, I (we) cannot regret expressing our true feelings/thoughts/emotions. We cannot lose trust that our loved ones will care and be compassionate as they respect our honesty. Stand in your truth as oppose to BEING that shady person hiding your true self in an effort not to offend or to run the person from your realm. Especially when you have the ability to share your view without anger or aggression!

I shared that part of my personal journey to say this, while standing in our truth in whatever form of relationship, Do so without expectations. Do so without guilt attached that will bring regret. Do so with Pure Authentic Love leading your communication. Coming from a place that if you are right, you can forgive and move forward in your relationship and if you are wrong, you can sincerely apologize. Do so without judgement with a desire for the relationship to with stand the situation. Do so recognizing that you have to in turn respect how your love one heal through, deal/grow with what you expressed to them! Do so giving your love one the freedom to act/react/withdraw; while you in turn heal through the very experience still shining your light on your journey. Achieve this by building yourself, reading Inspiration books/post, writing,  listening to music, connecting with nature, meditation/pray! Don’t dwell on the situation as you release/let go to raise your vibration and to allow positive light to reflect on the situation!

The results once you stated your truth is entirely up to the other person, giving time for them to process, they now have to realize what you mean to their realm. I expressed my Authentic thoughts because I know what that person mean to me! On our journey to Revelation Awareness Wisdom.. the heart and character of our loved ones will bring Revelations as we walk in Divine Awareness of who we are, as well as who are loved ones are, that brings Wisdom, Knowledge and Healing as we grow from strength to strength!

Things in life may break your heart, but never allow anything to break your spirit or tarnish your soul! Pure Authentic Love leads the way. As you connect with souls on your journey, you will meet the ones that are willing to fight and Love through every circumstance because of their Divine Love for you. Spiritual Alignment and Soul Connection with another is rare, but real. Keep the faith and hope alive! Never Doubt! At the same time, Live and Love Life!

Everyday is the beginning of your journey, Embrace, Receive, Be a Light unto others and Give Thanks daily! The best on your journey is yet to come! cred: Marisa Daniel ~ MTDVybes

📷 cred: Belongs to respective owner!


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