Revere All Within ~ Unselfish Love Is The Language Of The Universe

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The journey that enables you to Revere All Within, standing in awareness of your innermost desires, starts with Unselfish Love. Love without condition. Simply Embracing the energy of Pure Love with a sincere desire to emit said energy back into the Universe. Walking grounded In Love regardless of life situations. Loving those who show up in your life in a manner that can uproot past behavior patterns that you fought so hard to heal through. Being consciously aware of your emotions so you reject the negative energy and rise up in Love in every circumstance in your life. Forgiving freely without taking another’s behavior toward you personally. Accepting the truth of every situation knowing that The Universe holds your destiny and the best is yet to come to your realm.

I started off with how we should channel emotions that bring us a result fueled by Pure Authentic Divine Love! However, as human BEings with weaknesses, we do at times become clouded with illusions of our mind. That being our interpretation of a situation and the interpretation of our emotions. So yes you experience the emotions and at times make the wrong choice clouded by fear, or because of a negative experience with one person; you allow the emotion to side track you and unfortunately allow it to filter into your relationship with someone else. You take insecurities uprooted by one person or situation and drop them at the foot of someone else! A sad truth that hurts, emotions again, but we need to OWN our emotions and reactions. LEARN, GROW AND HEAL!

When I speak of negative energy I’m speaking of any reaction you may have to a life situation that blocks your energy channels and lowers your vibration. It is necessary to our well being to purify our Chakra,  leaving no open door for negative energy to have the opportunity take root and block your vibration of light and love.

The key is to release and take self from the situation and think about what the other person could possibly be going through. Or the fact that they are vibrating at a different frequency than you are. Without judging the person, you release any feelings associated/uprooted with the situation choosing to do what it takes to raise your vibration. Rather than succumb to and be weighed down by life circumstances. Choosing to remain healthy in Mind, Thoughts, Body, Soul and Spirit. Covered and protected by The Source Of Our Existence!

Our Ego get in the way at times, leading to a reality we really did not desire in our life; yet ~ Always a Lesson, Never a failure! Release doubt, self pity, regret, blame, the past and embrace the Now, look forward to tomorrow knowing that your best Life is ahead of you, as you heal and recover, rising up into the BEST VERSION OF YOU! FORGIVE YOURSELF, FORGIVE ANOTHER’S RESPONSE TO WHAT YOU TOOK TO THEIR REALM IN YOUR WEAK MOMENT!



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