Realign Authentic Wellness

Life situations can leave you confused at times, the key is to Know the root of the emotion and release in order to receive healing. Accept that you don’t have all the answers and trust your journey. Embrace the Light and allow it to reflect on the shades and shadows of the past. Light and Shadow exist but there is power of choice in every moment!

Many a time, those of us that are on our spiritual path, connected to Divine Source, yes; we occasionally experience situations that unbalance us that can lead to blocking our energy channels.

Life is not perfect. This is the time on our journey where we need to Realign our self to the Source of our Existence. This is the time to surrender to The Universe in trust, belief and faith that the best part of our journey is coming to us. Acknowledging that it is essential to walk in awareness knowing who we are Authentically in Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul, equally important to our Wellness to be in full awareness of our thoughts. As our thoughts feeds our current energy vibration.

We need to journey within as we Realign with Source, The Divine Universal Power that covers us in Pure Authentic Love. My belief is that Love is the Universal language that heals and purifies us from negative frequencies, while we grasp the fact that said negatives are building blocks that enables us to grow, mature and evolve. The key is all in how we interpret said frequencies and how we allow them to manifest in our Spirit.

Clearing our Mind from clutter is essential to maintaining a healthy Body through Meditation, pray, taking a walk in nature, by the beach, reading inspirational writings, exercise, eating a high quantity of fruits and vegetables to heal our internal body, talking to someone who understands how to be honest with us, and assists in raising your vibration, writing a journal, using essential oils, candles or incense. Which ever practice works for you, just do it and release so you can fulfill your destiny of being a light unto the world.

.. Life is like photography.. Use the negatives to develop instead of allowing them to bring you down.. Quote –

What comes to mind also is that over exposure of the negatives spoils the entire picture; it needs to be developed on the inside to truly show beautifully on the outside!

As we tap into Love in Divine form, true growth is in owning our mistakes, just apologize to self and release to avoid guilt and unnecessary pain that comes when we beat our self up with regret and self blame or pity. Recognize the choices we made on the journey. Allow yourself to be human with human flaws, it is how we interpret who we are that determines how we Rise Above the chaos that shows up on our journey. Accept, Release, Heal and Learn from the experience! I know it is not an easy road, but who feels it knows the importance of seeking peace rather than leaving self in pieces. Forgive others and Love them regardless. Forgive YourSelf. Unselfish Love is purifying to our Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.

Choosing Unselfish Love Activates higher vibrations, positive vibrations and we then vibrate authentically at Soul frequency that manifest Light into our Being. We then feel the burdens lifted as we Love ourself through. Love self enough to desire freedom from anything that lowers your vibration. Making sure that you tap into Self, which enables you to Realign Authentic Wellness all day everyday!

PEACE, LOVE AND LIGHT! ⚪ cred : Marisa Daniel ~ MTDVybes


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