Rejuvenate Authentic Wellness ~ September 1st Blessings

New Moon & Solar Eclipse~~

“Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 1st, serves that which can no longer be ignored. Inner truth casts a golden light on inner shadows so we can address what is, come to terms with what is and realign with what is truly in harmony with our soul.

It’s a powerful month of alignments opening with the Sun, Moon, and Earth aligning perfectly for this second eclipse period of the year.

First, we have this solar eclipse on September 1 in Virgo…Although visible mostly across Africa and Asia, they are nonetheless felt globally.

Eclipses let us realign with our highest intentions. We can release at the deepest levels and honor what is ending while starting out on a new foot and begin anew.

It’s a dynamic opportunity to use the order of the celestial spheres to energize our lives. But that’s only a part of the whole…

The eclipse and New Moon cycle in Virgo is colored and highly influenced by Mercury’s retrograde…helping us to really feel into the thought patterns ready to be released that serve an old consciousness.

…We take stock of our inner resources, honor our harvest and hone our craft. A non-linear time, yet with potential for great productivity…

Saturn square Neptune is dominant in this chart… As a closing square of this cycle begun in 1989, we have until 2020 to complete the social-political lessons here.

A closing square is about a shift in consciousness ~ realizing the lessons in a cycle, summing up, and re-orienting, beginning to turn away from the old, accepting what is and forgiving, while beginning to feel the first influences of the new from the invisible plane.

It will take a few more years to distill the wisdom of this cycle and feel a resulting deep transformation take place. In the mean time, this is a most pressurized period – this last of three Saturn/Neptune squares (Nov.’15, June, now).

Saturn rules the structures enforcing the beliefs we hold… Neptune, on the other hand is a dissolver of boundaries, pointing toward unity, idealism – the best that can be imagined, spiritual unity, the visionary aspect of imagination.

Neptune says we must dream true about welcoming in the highest consciousness we can at this time…Neptune in Pisces is inviting us to look not outside ourselves for truth, meaning and direction, but within.

Saturn in Sagittarius is struggling with the last vestiges of dogma and the disillusionment of beliefs in a purely physical existence cut off from the feminine and Spirit.

“Mutable signs ask for growth and learning, being flexible and learning how to adapt to shifting circumstance.

Can you allow yourself a little quality time alone daily to fertilize the process instead of growing the product?”Copyright © 2016 Pat Liles

Source ~

Rise In Divine Femininity and Masculinity!



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