​​My Holistic approach will introduce you to your transformational journey, catering to the heart of your Why, for choosing a Coach. I will hold space for you, to help you create the best version of yourself, as you raise your vibration not only physically, but in mind, thought, belief, behavior and identity!

I’m not here to preach about carbs, proteins, calories, fats, and proteins, or to set restrictions in your diet. I’m here to help my clients create a lasting Healthy Lifestyle that you will love, enjoy and maintain through self care, by helping you understand How to eat via healthy choices and according to what works best for you as an individual. This journey will help you achieve optimal weight, increase sleeping patterns and reduce food cravings, leaving you feeling Energetic, Balanced and Healthy. Together we will hold space for each other to work towards achieving your goals.

Health is important not only to look and feel good, but it also changes the vibrational frequency in our body. Everything is energy, and the foods that we eat affects our energy frequency, hence our vibration will not be in harmony with our higher self, when we are not nourishing our body with healthy foods. This unknowingly affects our thoughts and actions and how we communicate with others. It filters into everything we do! This is where the saying “A hungry man is a angry man” resonates! Poor nourishment filters into our attitude! I believe many of us eat to sustain hunger, while others eat to nourish their body!

​When we are out of sync with nourishing our body with the essential nutrients that it need, our body reacts at times with stress, various ailments or weight gain.

​When our mind, our thought form is out of sync with our higher self, depression, anxiety creeps into life and it becomes difficult to function at our highest potential at home, work, socially and in relationships.

Transformative Holistic Life Coaching is catered to those who desire to reach their highest potential and heal in all areas of their life, releasing past baggage that no longer serves them!

Transformative Holistic Life Coach

Marisa Daniel

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