S. Payne


On the 25th March 2018 I decided to start a 90 day transformational journey with the help of a life coach.

After losing my Mum and My Grandfather my life change for what I considered the worst. I was placed in dark place with so much negativity I felt like peace was far away, like 5 years away.

Through out this journey with a stranger at first, but now I consider her to be my life saver, this lady unlocked me from a very dark place only she knew and understood. I just publicly want to say “Thank you Marisa,” you are the best life coach out there. You gave me tools, but the biggest tool you said I should use is PRAY/MEDITATION and CONNECTING WITH DIVINE INFINITE POWER THAT BE.

You kept reminding ME that without these two, I will not find inner peace. You help me change my diet, the way I think and THE WAY I process stuff, as well as the way I deal with people, and I am forever Grateful.

I finished my journey on the 17th June 2018 with tears in my eyes. I let the happiness FLOW in those tears I cried with gratitude for all you did for me for 90days. With the end of that journey, I look forward to the greatest hurdles up next the 17 July and the 25th August 2018, the 2 days that I lost THE heart-string 💖 of my heart, but I look forward to those days with peace knowing how I will get through without going into that dark place I was in 2017 .

So the 17th of June 2018, Shakelia is no longer a Princess; I graduated my 90 day program with a change of status, I have become the Queen @queen_colleen57 Raised to stand tall in this world, with this NEW NORMAL that I live.

So here’s to Queen Shakelia one who has a peace that only she can feel and know!

@rawmindbodyspiritxsoul #Queenstatus👑 #loveyoumomalwaysandforever❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😘😘😘💕💕💕#livingoutmylifewithanewpurpose🦋🦋 #awesomelifecoach🤗 – Shakelia