“Love Is Much More To Life Than Just Words, Love Is Much More Than To Say You Love, Love Is Call On Me Brother, Love Is Call On Me Sister !!”💞☯☥☯💞


enlightenment, health coach, healthy lifestyle design, Holistic Coach, life coach, Marisa Daniel, Spirituality

Reflecting Awesome Wavelengths

enlightenment, health coach, healthy lifestyle design, Holistic Coach, life coach, Marisa Daniel, Spirituality

2017 IS HERE!

As I’m REFLECTING on my journey, I have to say, 2016 was simply AWESOME. The WAVELENGTHS have been REAL!! I’M so APPRECIATIVE of the discoveries of SELF, the discoveries of LOVE and the discoveries of HUMAN NATURE! All in all, I’m eternally GRATEFUL  for the WISDOM Gained.

The revelations have brought me  into Divine awareness of synchronization and frequencies that are truly a gift and blessing to my reality. The numbers guiding on my journey have been Turning right up on TIME! Keeping  me focus on Divine Creator and eternally thankful for his manifestations in my realm.

2016 started off with Divine Love of self and letting go all that no longer served my highest good. I was open to All that did serve my highest good. My focus was purifying my body with herbs fruits and vegetables as I tune into my higher self through my connection and alignment  with Divine Source.

The Universe also brought me a friend whose journey was similar and we shared our experiences and kept each other grounded balance and focus on health. Our spiritual beliefs are in tuned and it have been so refreshing to share openly the blessing of the Natural Mystic with each other without boundaries. Holding each other accountable, learning and teaching each other.

Pure Authentic Love shone through and it has been rejuvenating to my mind, spirit, soul and body to fully emit and receive such love without intention, without condition and without protective barriers. The truth of Love is total acceptance in every moment, loving regardless because you are LOVE, you radiate LOVE and choose to share said LOVE with the world. That’s the key before a relationship can blossom between individuals in general. ACCEPTANCE of masculine and feminine ENERGY within self, walking In BALANCE Opens up the WAVELENGTHS for Divine Unification of souls destined to intertwine in this LIFE!

Paying attention to details, being aware of the SIGNS in Life brings you even more knowledge of self and each other, as you REFLECT each other! VULNERABLITY present throughout always shines a light on the shadows, and embracing said SHADOWS brings TRUTH, AUTHENTICITY, EMOTIONS AND STRENGTH as LESSONS are Learned and Wisdom gained!


Traveling have also been REFRESHING to my body spirit mind and soul during my 2016 journey! Observing a different culture taught me to be even more contented and respectful of my unlimited blessings and miracles. Sharing is a part of the Vincentian culture that remains and that was amazing to witness such giving spirits!

The beauty of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Bequia) and Guadeloupe soothe my BEING and definitely set the tone for my return to my Home Land. The gorgeous sunsets and cloud formation witness brought renewed joy peace and harmony to my mind spirit and soul! The beautiful beaches RESTORED me as the waves crashed on the beach singing songs of Freedom for me to receive!

Business bloomed also as I was given an opportunity to assist in creative ventures, my guidance and patience being rewarded was fulfilling and abundantly wonderful. Speaking my truth brought me self respect as my self worth and dignity ascended and rewarded me with unlimited blessings! The heart of many was revealed and I give thanks for the Wisdom gained!

I was able to look back on earlier 2016 moments and connect the dots in more time as revelations manifested that were discussed with my spiritual partner in earlier times. Purpose manifested as my needs were met in mystical happenings. Totally a gift from Divine Source! I am eternally thankful and grateful for all miracles on this journey!

Opportunities knocked and I was able to receive and embrace the gift in each moment! Answers to my innermost thoughts desires and prayers manifested at just the right timing! Lifting my self esteem and confidence as I witness in awareness The Universe working on my behalf! Giving thanks In every moment!! Assisting on the journey of others at the same time made the gift even more fulfilling and enjoyable! Being selfless in said moment rewarded me with even more blessings and I am amazed at The Glorious Divine Manifestations In my LIFE!

Giving to my friends and family at the end of 2016 have been Revitalizing as I stand In AWE of The Universe and All showered on me In LOVE!

2017 I see you and embrace you TOTALLY! The blessings already pouring In have been deeply appreciated as the WISDOM on my journey have me even more aware and conscious of mystical happenings In all areas of my Life!

Renewed contact with a loved one is forever cherished and appreciated as I respect the connection, witnessing the truth of positive vibrations leading the way!

Being sick and tired of being sick of tired have propelled me to step outside my comfort zone to help create the reality I need and desire! The miracles during said process that filtered from 2016, opened the door to me stepping outside my comfort zone and creating the reality I needed and desired, as I saw scenarios from 2016 come FULL CIRCLE, but to my benefit and upliftment as I realEyez the signs and acknowledge the blessings and gift in the moment! Learning the vital Lessons to assist my Evolution journey!

Opportunities continue to unfold as I stand in Awe REFLECTING on my AWESOME Journey as the WAVELENGTHS guide me through connection  and alignment with Divine Source!

Acceptance of self creates a higher version of Self as we walk In awareness and consciousness. Don’t Give Up The Fight!! You Always connect the dots when you look back. (Reflecting Awesome Wavelengths)


Stand Firm beautiful souls, the best on our journey have started and continues to flow with the water in the river, Only flowing from One Source.. In One direction.. and bypasses once. Continue to flow with the blessings of your River!

📃cred: MTDVybes

Precious Memories





1/11 🌕The 1st Full moon for the year is on Jan 12th 2017. She’s already radiating and illuminating. Release as you breath out all that does not serve you. See mistakes/negatives as learning and growing experiences. Realeyez the value of the lessons in said moments! Choose to see the wisdom gained in said moments as you embrace reality at all times. EMBRACE ALL THAT SERVE YOUR HIGHEST GOOD! BREATHE IN THE MYSTICAL VIBRATIONS THAT GUIDE YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY! Cred: MTDVybes

Flow with what flows! “Remember the waters in the river? Only flow from the source.. in one direction… and bypass once. Continue to flow with the blessings of your river.. Bless.. MEM”

Receive Authenticity Willingly (Do not fight against the tide)



#Kwanzaa #Nia #Purpose ~ Build sound/solid foundations to enable our present and future generations productivity and family bond.. Grow Heal Love Together!

Life is a beautiful journey regardless of what we encounter along our path. Just remember to live life, enjoy life and take time to always reflect on your life. Remember that another’s person opinion of us ~  is not our reality, another’s perception, opinion and views are not always the truth. Know who you are and stand in your truth.

Remember it is ok to decide who remain in our inner realm as we journey through life. For some we have let into our realm, their reason becomes blatantly clear. For others, their season in our life is over. For others, we continue to treasure their presence for the rest of our lives.

Peace is essential to our happiness, as we let go all that we cannot change. We cannot change a person, neither can we change history already written.. i.e. we can never change anything in our lives that have happened on our path. But we can accept the reality of the situation, accept the role we played and the choices we made. Total acceptance of that truth is beautifilled peace.

Forgiveness is powerfilled. Forgiving self, forgiving others. Just imagine so many with a heavy soul full of baggage of hurt and pain from wrongs done to them. While the ones who caused the hurt and pain is living free and happy. Makes no sense – does it?

Love yourself free. Love self enough to heal and shake off all negative vibes you have encountered. You are unique, you are special, you are powerful as you rise in your true self, no apologies to anyone for being true to self. Accept who you are and the out pour of unconditional love will resonate in your life.

Choose your battles wisely and remember that every wave do not have to crash on your shore. Seek wisdom and be wise. Many have knowledge, but few have wisdom. Silence is golden. Always ease your hand out of the lion’s mouth, never drag it out. And always remember, a wise man can play the part of a fool, but a fool can never play the part of a wise man. Know what to speak, know what not to speak.

Could you be love and be loved? 📝 Cred: MTDVybes