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enlightenment, healthy lifestyle design, Spirituality


I’m a Transformative Holistic Life Coach and my training is based in cutting edge psychology, brain science, neurological science, nutrition, intuitive listening, habit change, healthy lifestyle design and Transformation Coaching Methods.

The goal is to help you reach clarity and hold space for you to reach your highest potential & best self and hold you to your vision, as you hold space for me to help lead you towards achieving overall health in all aspects of your life.

I have chosen a very special path, that have lead me to a new professional field that resonates with me deeply – it’s the journey I’ve been traveling on for a long time and I didn’t even realize in full magnitude. This page started as a personal blog, and at that time I had not even the slightest inclination consciously, that I will become a Certified Health & Family Life Coach.

Pursuing my calling and living my passion and purpose is self empowerment to say the least, as I honor my calling and destiny! I am extremely enthusiastic and excited to share my journey with you.

For the past few months, I’ve been discovering how to help busy professional and entrepreneurs, especially women/mothers, who are stressed out, transform their bodies and their lives, to gain more energy and develop clarity in what have been holding them back from achieving their full potential, in different areas of their well-being.

After years of a natural passion for psychology, nutrition, and optimal performance, and a natural instinct to loss weight personally by eating nutrient dense meals, and actually transforming from size 3xl to xl/18; I felt compelled to gain knowledge and train in this field. I realized that it was time to turn this passion into practical knowledge for the real world (AKA skills that are effective and essential to use in everyday life; that will help myself and others lose weight and maintain the weight loss, gain energy, experience clarity and gain insight into conscious and subconscious triggers and transform RAW Mind Body Spirit X Soul!)

This journey lead me to the Health Coach Institute to complete my certification in Health & Family Life Coaching.


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