Re – Attract Wisdom 💞 On Your Journey


Correct your thoughts! Thoughts are powerful, be mindful in consciousness and awareness so the manifestations in your life are in alignment with what serves your highest good! So many doors will open that no man can close!

Listen to your words, speak positive vibrations into your Life and you will RE-ATTRACT what serve your highest good!

Watch your actions, choose to be a Light Unto Others and let go all that hurt you or try to take advantage of you; without holding a grudge, The Universe will reward your efforts eternally!

Be Intune with your character, stop reacting to ish, stop judging others, stop competing with others, stop watching others period! Release all negative character vices and know without a reason of a doubt that The Source Of All Existence have got you covered, protected as intuition reveals and guide you on your journey! I live this!! EYE see/feel the results!!

As you walk in WISDOM, you are lead into your Destiny, know who you are and your contribution to the world as you stand up for yourself! You are being Lead on your journey of unlimited blessings! #KnowYourWorth #RiseInDignity #WalkYourTalk #MiraclesAreBlessings #BlessingsAreMiracles #NeverDoubt #NeverFear 💞 ~ 📝 cred: MTDVybes

📷cred: Unknown


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