Reconcile African Wellness ~ Through Healing of Pure Authentic Divine Love 💞 Black Love Matters

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I believe that we are here to share Love with the human race! The reality is there is segregation and many living in mental slavery, tarnished by the days of slavery! I am in no way speaking against interracial marriages or relationships. I am simply speaking to the issues in many Black cultures where they allow negative of whatever form, to separate and build barriers against their own culture, families and loved ones!

I am a Black Woman living in Barbados, the Caribbean, West Indies and Love Matters among our people! Black Men and Black Women in the world still encounter racism and down-pressing energy as do other cultures.

We need to teach our children that they can break the cycle of destroying the growth of Love among our people! We must Rise Up In Love and heal our culture and be an example for the younger generation, so that they can be the change!

Black Men and Black Women need to heal and fight for Love leaving Ego behind. See the beauty of each other’s soul and let that beauty shine through our hearts, mind, spirit and soul when situations arise in the relationship. Be willing to work it out, be willing to journey within and change, grow, evolve! Show our children that we can raise a family together in Unity and Love! Building Families from strength to strength, being a Light unto each other!

We are imperfect, so guess what; at some point something will be said or done that one or the other will not like or agree with! If we get protective and defensive instead of communicating our feelings, If we cannot try to understand, care and respect what caused our Love one to speak their view/their Authentic thoughts, without allowing our emotions to cause us to withdraw; what kind of Love is that? What kind of example is that for future generations?

Who will benefit when Black Men and Black Women refuse to see pass and Love through differences/flaws/weaknesses that can be rectified as long as they Let Love Rule?  FIGHT FOR LOVE ↔ WE MUST HEAL OUR CULTURE WITH PURE AUTHENTIC DIVINE LOVE!

cred: Marisa Daniel ~ MTDVybes



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